A set of royalty-free, pre-masked images to use in your edits. Simply drag & drop in your favorite layering apps. Featuring a selection of my favorites, such as the (NEW) Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Wielder, Treasure Planet Sailor, Jetpacker & more, used in edits by @IAMCUED. Includes the GRIDIENTS™ MOBILE + PHOTOSHOP bundle & a list of apps I use, free with purchase.

$15 for CUED LABS students.



Introducing CUED IMPORTS™, a set of 15 royalty-free images formatted on transparent backgrounds, used in edits by CUED.


Pre-masked and re-formatted for widespread use, this selection of images is now available for you to use in your very own edits. Since they’re on transparent backgrounds, you can easily drag, drop, and blend the various images with any photo, or visual element in any one of your favorite editing  & layering apps.


What does that mean? That means, I’ve basically done the hard work for you. You won’t have to erase backgrounds tediously here or polish up the masking there. Simply grab one of the images, and remix it to your liking. Create new backgrounds, add to the provided imagery, or decimate everything entirely! With CUED IMPORTS™, you have access to stunning source imagery that will instantly transform any one of your pieces. And at a super affordable price, everyone gets the chance to try their hand at mobile editing with incredibly unique, innovative material. Think of it like clip-art, except cooler, and better, and awesomer.


And with this set being a custom selection of my personal favorites, you get to add the best of the best material from my editing arsenal to your library. Additionally, my GRIDIENTS™ MOBILE + PHOTOSHOP filter pack is included for free with purchase.


A big mission of mine is to give people tools to create & bring their ideas to life. So, with this, my goal 5is to enable creative individuals to be able to bring their imaginative vision to life, by providing a way for them to do get that much closer to doing so. I’m stoked to see what comes of it, and I hope to have you on board!



Are you ready to explore your mind palace?



These images are transparent, outlined images, and do not come with backgrounds.


If used commercially, the final result must be a product in which end users are not charged for.


Use in magazines, billboards, editorials, and advertisements is prohibited. Violation will result in immediate legal action.


CUED IMPORTS™  are the intellectual property and trademark of CUED MEDIA, & Roberto Cuevas.

© 2016 CUED MEDIA, Roberto Cuevas

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