Linear structural designs to efficiently enhance and create stunning imagery with stylistic flair. Simplifying your editing workflow, providing a convenient way to add certified swag to your images. It seems legit, and it is legit.

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The big kid equivalent to the mobile suite, featuring ten downloadable linear designs, created for use in your desktop editing workflow. Unifying simplistic minimalist structure with sleek design, GRIDIENTS™ serve as a tool to efficiently create stunning imagery with graphic flair. Whether used as the foundation for a photo, or added as the final touch to a piece, these stylistic designs can add accentuated embellishments or give you the creative push to build entirely new visuals from scratch.
Each design has three variant sizes, developed for responsive editing on photos in all orientations, ensuring maximum functionality in an efficient post-processing workflow. Whether vertical, horizontal, or square, you don’t have to crop or re-size out of necessity. All designs have been formatted as high quality transparent PNG-24 files, allowing you to convert or retain the original file quality to accommodate your editing needs. Using your application of choice, import any design and get started! Then you can stack, overlay, juxtapose, remix, or all of the above! With many facets of customization, you can simply drag, drop, and place your image, then you’re on your way. Designed as large image templates in 300 dpi, you’re ready to take your creative ideas to your peers, or to straight to the client,  print-ready.



  • Includes ten expansive conceptual linear structural designs
  • Developed for use in editing applications on desktop interfaces
  • Horizontal, square, and vertical variant sizes for responsive editing in all formats
  • Designs formatted as transparent PNG-24 files for maximized blending possibilities
  • Templates optimized at large image sizes for expansive photo editing 
  • Really high glam factor



  • Documents listed as DGR (Desktop GRIDIENT™) files
  • Images formatted as PNG-24 files at 300 dpi
  • Each file name includes variant size in parentheses
  • Horizontal (HRZ) variant image size – 5200 x 3900 px
  • Square (SQR) variant image size – 4500 x 4500 px
  • Vertical (VRT) variant image size – 3900 x 5200 px



Files are compressed in a .zip folder, which can be opened via supporting mobile browsers, as well as various mobile applications such as iZip, WinZip, and AndroZip.

If used commercially, the final result must be a product in which end users are not charged for.


The GRIDIENT™ and GRIDIENTS™ are the intellectual property and trademarks of CUED MEDIA, & Roberto Cuevas.

© 2015 CUED MEDIA, Roberto Cuevas

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