Private Tutorials


Want to learn some rad mobile content creation tips & tricks in a private coaching call? If so, then look no further. Behold, a woo boost worthy platform for 1 on 1 tutorial sessions, where you get to chat with me, ask questions about editing apps you use, and work with me live as we cover various editing techniques that can improve your workflow and help you problem solve as we practice live, on the fly.


Here’s how it works! Select an open date & time below for a private 1 on 1 google hangout/skype call, then select your desired time limit/duration, and then add a note briefly describing what you’d like to discuss & learn in the call. Calls don’t last longer than 2 hours. You’re permitted one rescheduled time if you have to cancel, and the call is non-refundable.


Things I will not cover in private tutorials:
My #dualreflects artwork/secret sauce
Certain techniques that may be heavily featured in The Cued Labs Course
My primary source of pixie dust


Details & Payment
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Please select service, date and provider then click on the Find Appointments button.


For group classes, visit  C U E D  L A B S  L I V E.