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Introducing GRIDIENTS™ –

downloadable linear design suites for mobile and desktop interfaces.
Created to take your visual work to a new level, making your artistic vision a reality.
GRIDIENTS™ unify simplistic minimalist structure with sleek design, serving as a tool to efficiently create stunning imagery with graphic flair. Whether used as the foundation for a photo, or added as the final touch to a piece, these stylistic designs can add accentuated embellishments or give you the creative push to build entirely new visuals from scratch. At the end of the day, they’re pretty swag.


GRIDIENTS™ take the concept of image gradients and give it a jumpstart. Edited on a grid scale, these designs take the gradual light and color blend, typically seen in the gradation process, and simulate this very effect in the form of linear structural layouts. With zero photo distortion, and interesting graphic flair, these patterns are a neat alternative for common gradient users and novice editors alike. They can be filtered, rearranged, juxtaposed, blended, desaturated, and edited using various desktop applications, as well as any photo editing apps that you can download on your mobile device. At an affordable cost for mobile interfaces, and a modest price for desktop use, GRIDIENTS™ are an accessible tool for creatives of all types to use in their process.



Image by @JoshWroughton



Each GRIDIENT™ design for Mobile & Desktop has three variant sizes, developed for responsive editing on photos in all orientations. This ensures maximum functionality in an efficient post-processing workflow. Whether, vertical, horizontal, or square, you won’t have to crop or resize out of necessity. These designs have been formatted as transparent PNGs, allowing you to convert or retain the original file quality to accommodate your editing needs. Stack, overlay, juxtapose, remix, or all of the above! With many facets of customization, you can simply drag, drop, and place your image, then you’re on your way.

In GRIDIENTS™ developed exclusively for use in Adobe Photoshop, you can go a step further in your creative process. With each design created as a template in PSD format, you can import the smart object and tweak any layer you wish, selectively. Included are a set of Photoshop actions, which allow you to follow the GRIDIENTS™ creation sequences. This allows you to import your own content, and place it precisely at the same arrangement as the given layout, at the push of a button. With the solid state desktop image files included, the possibilities are truly endless.

The idea of GRIDIENTS™ is that every design has been tailored to fit the needs of image makers, providing a diverse range of various orientations, as each individual graphic is edited with precision and poise. Taking from the best original compositions in previous selections of personal work compiled over the last year, the end result is a refined, tasteful aesthetic.






  • When using Mobile GRIDIENTS™ in your edits, you will want to familiarize yourself with image blending modes. Applications that allow you to place, arrange, mask, and blend photos will be key in bringing the various graphics into your process. After finding an application that you’ve decided to use, simply import your image as a layer on the foreground or background. When you’ve begun tweaking the blending modes and opacity, you’re well on your way to creating a stellar piece.
  • When editing, keep file size in mind. Most applications provide file information in the exporting stage. If you start out with a 3200×2400 template size, but end up with a lower size similar to 1200×400 or smaller, it means your image has been compressed in the process. This can be due to photo sharing & saving preferences, as well as device model in addition to your current OS. You typically want to avoid automatic compression, if possible. Exporting at maximum & hi-res quality can be a simple way to produce a refined, sharp look.
  • To achieve a thicker, stronger opacity, you can use simple photo editing tricks such as tweaking the curves, using adjustment tools, as well as layer stacking and duplication. However, stacking layers excessively can result in file compression and resolution degrading. As you incorporate the content into your workflow, you can balance out the various components as you see fit.
  • Remixing is awesome! If you’re going for a subtle look, simplistic composition might be up your alley. That being said, there are many different ways to rearrange, flip, and customize each design. Extend your limits, push your boundaries, and flip the script! You might be surprised at what you come up with. 
  • Each file is saved in a compressed .zip folder. To access the downloaded files, simply open them on your computer by right-clicking the file upon purchase. To open them on your phone or tablet, you can use third party utilities such as iZip, Win Zip, and any other applications that may work with your mobile device.




A massive part of the heart behind this product is a response to those who have asked questions regarding my personal workflow. As I follow an extensive, detailed creative process, it has been nearly impossible to provide a concise answer to those who ask. Until now.
It is a huge desire of mine to empower others in following their creative endeavors, and this is a personal step in that direction. My goal is to play a role in giving people tools they need to succeed at what they wish to achieve. My hope is that this product serves as a catalyst collectively fueling artistry and creativity, as individuals can take the given imagery and produce something new. With January of 2015 marking the one year anniversary of the GRIDIENT™ image concept, now is the perfect time to start this project and share it with you all.




Each GRIDIENT™ is originally hand pixel-dragged, processed in a premium format for use on mobile and desktop interfaces.
Photos, edits, and other images incorporating the GRIDIENT™ design can be shared online can be tagged to social media sites using the hashtag #Gridients.




The GRIDIENT™ and GRIDIENTS™ are the intellectual property and trademarks of CUED MEDIA, & Roberto Cuevas.

© 2015 CUED MEDIA, Roberto Cuevas