Official Artwork for Austin Mahone’s New Single

Over the weekend, Austin Mahone reached out to me to create album artwork for his new single. The result? A dope visual collaboration, with a dark aesthetic, subtle surrealistic layout, and theme inspired by The Iron Giant film. You can click here to listen to it on YouTube, and you can find him on the networks below. You can see the album artwork here on Instagram.









Remixed Username

@cuedmedia is now @iamcued.


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GRIDIENTS™ Product Updates

With over 100 GRIDIENTS™ downloaded and being used internationally, within one month of release, it’s a good moment to celebrate. However, that’s not the only reason to celebrate. This week, the very first global software update for the GRIDIENTS™ Mobile Suites went live, featuring free filter presets for all owners. Cool, right? And now, I am announcing a brand new pricing change on the desktop, photoshop, and bundled suites for the GRIDIENTS™ application. Yeah, it’s a lot. Before you start throwing your hands in the air due to excitement, confusion, or both, allow me to elaborate. Let’s begin with the software update.






 Introducing Version 1.1 For Mobile GRIDIENTS™ Suites



What’s New In Version 1.1:


  • Improved functionality for the square and vertical variants of the MGR5 preset. The opacity of the top linear bar in SQR and VRT variants appeared a bit unbalanced when used in various edits, in direct comparison to the other linear formations in the filter. The brightness of the individual symmetric bar has been tweaked for a more gradual, seamless blend.
  • BMGR1 – A standard descending GRIDIENT™ design that transitions from a straight, undeviating pattern into a progressively warped perspective.
  • BMGR2 – This symmetrical GRIDIENT™ design takes inspiration from the MGR10 preset, and amplifies the scale as it incorporates 49 gray linear formations. Theoretically, you could consider it to be 49 shades of gray. Make of that what you will. This preset is only available exclusively for owners of the full Mobile Suite.
This update will be included with purchases made from now until March 6th. Purchases made after that date will not include free presets.
Pretty cool that you get free GRIDIENTS™if I do say so myself. What’s even cooler is that you get instant access to all future updates for free, including loads of free presets. You could say the product pays for itself. Even if you don’t say that, it’s still true.
All desktop software prices have been marked up to 50% off original listing price. Hasn’t been a better time to buy line filters & presets in the history of ever.
So, let’s recap. New Mobile Suite update, including brand new exclusive presets for free. Available until March 6th. And last but not least, a brand new permanent pricing change for all desktop products. Cue the woo boosting!

Collaboration With TOTW London

I recently collaborated with the creative team at Top Of The World London, a clothing line based in the UK, to produce digital imagery from their collections. 


The idea behind the collaboration was to take the simplistic mellow mood of source material, and infuse it with an atmospheric vibe, centered around each portrait. Built around the GRIDIENT™ look, the end result was a selection of digital art pieces that were rooted in fantasy, hyperrealism, and surrealism. To see the write-up on their page, visit them here



A big thanks to Top Of The World London for inviting me to work with them on this collaborative project.

Original photography shot by Alexandru Luchita


© 2015 CUED MEDIA, Roberto Cuevas


GRIDIENTS™ – Now Available



Proud to announce the release of GRIDIENTS™ – downloadable linear design suites, now available for purchase. 

So, what exactly are GRIDIENTS™? Simply put, they’re linear designs that you can use in your edits. If you’re an image editor, graphic designer, or photographer, you most likely know how time consuming it can be to create and render high-resolution visual effects, that you may want to incorporate into your images. Personally, I know this feeling pretty well, considering the amount of time I have to add to my already extensive creative process, to practically create a new layout from scratch for every single edit I do. Now, I don’t have to do this as often! Creating content with graphic flair just got really easy. 


Using any editing application of choice for mobile, or desktop interfaces, simply import the desired GRIDIENTS™ design and get started. Remix, recreate, or add a filter! It’s up to you. With three variants for horizontal, square, and vertical sizes, you pretty much never have to crop an image out of necessity. Match the proper variant with your image orientation, and then you’re set. Each design is formatted as a transparent PNG file, allowing you to convert or retain the original file quality. In other words, you don’t get a silly white background rendered with the design. Just a nice transparent background that gives you the freedom to make the most of your photo merging process. It seems legit, and it is legit. 


I’m thrilled to share that  GRIDIENTS are being purchased internationally, as seventy designs have been downloaded and are being used worldwide! From the US, Canada, all the way to Australia, France, and the UK, people are engaging with creative communities as they’re sharing what they’ve created using the #gridients hashtag on social media sites. It is incredible to watch the overall progression of the content and its reception! I sincerely thank everyone who has purchased and supported the content, and I’m looking forward to seeing others continue to create & inspire, worldwide.